Monday, 25 January 2010

Chunky knits for the Cold Weather!

The weather's turned chilly again here in Derbyshire. On Saturday morning it was lovely and sunny. I even left the house without a coat on! Forgot myself. I've been busy working on new additions to teddybearscottage. I hope to have a few monkeys in the Cottage Shop by the end of January. In the meantime take a peek at these lovely chunky knits!

They do require membership, but it's easy peezy to join. Click here to join!

This beautiful jumper.

Click here for the free pattern

This gorgeous Chunky Cowl. I shall start knitting right away! Click here for the free pattern.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Feed The Birds

At this time of year it's important to feed the birds. The low temperature has affected them too. I've been making seed feeders using pine cones and hanging them in the garden. I've spotted birds that wouldn't usually venture in to gardens unless very cold or hungry!


Open pine cones
Bird seed
Leftover fat (cooled down, but warm) or shop bought dripping
Ribbon or string
Blunt butter knife or spoon
And someone who doesn't mind getting all sticky!

Using an open cone like this means you can cram it full of mixture!

Place ribbon or wool around the cone and tie to secure. If you want to be really fancy you can screw a net curtail eye to bottom of cone.

Put the warm fat in the bowl and mix in the seed with your spoon.
Stuff it in to the pine cone and leave to dry for fifteen minutes.

Now hang up in the garden and watch for those birdies!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year

Brrrrrr...... It's been very chilly here in Derbyshire. We've escaped the terrential weather that's made some parts of the country inaccesible. After the festivities I ventured to Wales, much to the horror of family and friends who thought I must be bonkers due to the weather!

My niece and I went to the North. Criccieth. It has a lovely bay and the remains of a Castle nested above the beach. The sun shone on us while we were playing on the beach. We made sure we had fun whatever the weather. We were really lucky and the roads stayed clear while we were there....

On the journey home we stopped of at Conw'y on the Northern coast of Wales.
It's a walled town with the remains of the castle, A lovely little harbour and nestled amongst the cottages is the Smallest House in Britain. It was under renovation so we weren't able to venture inside!

Stopping off at my favourite tea room!...

And I'd never pass Chester without dropping in. Another walled town with the river running through it, cobbled streets and an abundance of eateries and pretty shops and a beautiful Cathedral and Gardens

I plan to hibernate on most of the chilly evenings and catch up with my knitting. George found a new home at Christmas along with a bunch of other guys down at Teddybearscottage! I shall pop some items in the Teddybearscottage Shop at the end of January.

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