Saturday, 29 August 2009

Howdy folks. How are you all. My we've had some rain here in Belper this week. Beautiful sunshine one minute then a downpour the next. I've been caught out a few times. My washing too! As well as working and drinking lots of tea I've found time to do some knitting. An order for Fi' at work and one for an old friend. I used three of my favourite yarns; R.Y.C Cashsoft Chunky, R.Y.C Alpaca Soft and Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton.

I've also put my name down for the Cricket Match on Sunday so that will be fun! Hope you've had a lovely week.

Ruby was made for the Grand-Daughter of a very special friend

I really enjoyed making Ruby and her pretty dress. I'm sure she is well loved in her new home

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Summer Memories..........

Hello there. The weather's been very changable here in England these last few weeks. Brilliant sunshine one day then pouring the next! This week we've had some lovely sunny periods especially late afternoon when the temperature's just right for snoozing in the garden while the dinner's cooking! Makes me feel all dreamy and I start to reminisce about the years adventures - Holidaying in Norfolk - Following the coast round from Sheringham to Lowestoft, through the broads and back again. It's a beautiful coast line and was very windy some days! but great fun.

Beautiful Beach-Huts adorning the coastline. The colours really make you feel like you're at the sea-side

Me steering the boat. Four mile an hour speed limit which I wasn't too happy about!

I love this photo. Everything about the broads appeals to me. Boats, fishing, swimming, beach huts, tea rooms and eating ice-cream

The boys having fun at Wells Next The sea. Quite a rare event they play together without falling out.........

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hello everyone. Hope you're all okay and managing to keep dry now all this rainy weather's on it's way out. We've had more than our fair share and the weeds in my garden have gone mad!!! I've been busy putting the final touches to my Etsy Shop. I aim to be up and running by Wednesday! Here's a few of the latest additions down at teddybearscottage

Tabbitha in her new pink dress

Here's Beau in his favourite jumper

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